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launch project

Tomson, a leading Indian B2B and B2C seller of electronic components in the offline market, decided to move their operations to the digital space. Months after launching an online store and hiring a digital agency to work on growth, they were still hearing crickets chirping instead of the cash drawer going chiiiing!


When Tom Joseph, CEO of Tomson Electronics reached out to us about their situation. The first thing that we did was pull up the website and the problem was quite apparent.

The website interface was extremely confusing for a buyer to find a product and complete a transaction.

At Saptaru, we believe that digital growth requires a highly marketable website at the foundation. Before starting marketing campaigns, the first thing we did was use a Shopify theme that was clean and conversion friendly.


The first task task was to redesign the website and have a clean interface for all the website visitors. After a round of shortlisting, the theme Supply came to our rescue. The next step was to have a navigation structure that made it super easy for a visitor to find the product that they were looking for. After days of brainstorming (we were on a tight deadline) we came up with 3 ways a user can find a product from the home page.

Search, product categories and the use of a very helpful mega menu. Once we had overcome the navigation problem we started loading the website with conversion elements that made it a whole lot more marketable and completed the first iteration of development. A few anxious nerve-biting days later…...the orders came pouring in!


After making the site more marketable we realized that we needed to bring in more traffic to the improved interface. We started oiling up rusty social media channels, running local campaigns on WhatsApp groups, and finding focus groups with crazy high engagement. What was the result? More visitors, more leads, and more customers.

We implemented a long term plan for growth. We launched SEO and Adwords campaigns that started bringing in sustainable traffic onto the website. We’re not done yet. We are just at the tip of the iceberg with a lot more delicious keywords to be found.

⬆ 170%
store sessions
⬆ 68%
total sales


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