Leather Designed in Italy



La Marca is the brainchild of the Indian Leather Corporation, one of the biggest names in the leather industry within the country. The company has been processing and exporting high-grade leather for over four generations.

The growing demand for premium leather yet affordable leather footwear gave rise to La Marca, ‘The Brand’.


La Marca caters to both men and women. Inspired by fine Italian leather-craft, their products sew an intricate bond with the consumers.

They presented us with a challenging brief. One that yearned for a visual system that was visually striking and easily extended to tags, packaging, a website and tons of other collateral. But what are challenges, if not meant to be overcome!


The team at Saptaru dived into Latin and Goth architecture to form the crux of the visual identity system. The intricate artwork that was historically used, understood the importance of beauty and complexity. The core ideologies of elegance, artwork, and luxury were moulded together to form a minimalistic design.

The colour system chosen comprised of black, white, and gold. The system was carefully crafted to ensure flexibility across various avenues and elegance all over.


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