Concept for a Wellness Resort


launch project

Karma Ri is a boutique wellness resort that helps you find the ultimate sync between your mind and your body. Dedicated to providing a holistic experience, it is built to sustain and respect the surrounding environment through a thoughtful architecture that respects the artistry of the area.

The company wanted a strong visual identity system that fortified their brand presence and brand collateral.


This project presented itself with a very unique challenge. Bringing to life the underlying belief system to the identity, like never before.

It was important to craft a unique logo that embodied one’s experience at a wellness centre, and one that works in monochrome. Another interesting test was coming up with an easy-on-the-eyes & replicable design element.


After a deep dive into yoga, wellness services, and boutique hotel experiences, we set ourselves on a journey to crack the challenge that was in front of us.

With gleaming eyes, and an arsenal full of ideas the team forged a system that hit the spot and a website that’s destined for conversions.


Simple, elegant and a defined attention on image content. This was the basis of the website design we undertook. Every section was accompanied by great images of the property. For such a beautiful premium resort property we understood how most website visitors would only look at the pictures and make up their mind.

Since, the services revolved around ayurveda, yoga and wellness, the CMS structured great blog pages and individual service pages as well.


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